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International Paella Party
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International Paella Party

International Party Due to the high demand of our delicious paella, we have extended our Service to the whole U.S.A. territory, and to the whole world.

We offer the catering and rental services from South Florida to Central Florida complying with the norms and regulations for each county. For the rest of the world, we offer an experienced professional chef, who will cook at the place of your choice, in front of you, the best paella from south Florida. The regulations for the rest of the world are as follow.

  1. You may choose any paella from our menu.

  2. Our company is responsible to transport and manipulate all the ingredients; inside the United States territory.

  3. The customer is responsible to pay for round trip transportation of all the required equipment to cook, and served.

  4. The customer is responsible to for air, land or sea transportation, lodging, and meals for the employees.

  5. The chef’s tariff and the personal service if is necessary do to conditions of time and place of work including transportation.

  6. The menu price increases a 25% for vents with 50 or more guests and a 40% for events less than 50 guests.

  7. The events outside of the U.S.A. territory could be subject to sanitaries regulations and immigration permits.