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In order to give you the best service possible, we now provide everything needed to make your event planning a more pleasant experience.

In addition to your events guaranteed success, you will be able to take advantage of our special pricing.

Discount: 50 to 100 guests-5%
  100 to 150 guests-10%
  150 and over-15%
Events Rentals

Basic Package $8.90 per guest
Tables, table clothes, chairs, cloth napkins, dinner plates, dessert plates, forks, knifes, dessert spoons, two cups, (for water and wine or champagne), salt pepper and one extra hour of service and rental.
Elite Package $9.90 per guest
Tables, table clothes, chairs, cloth napkins, dinner plates, dessert plates, salad plates, forks, salad, forks, knifes, dessert spoons, three cups (wine, water, champagne or high ball). Salt, pepper, ash trays, jars and one hour extra on the services and rental.

Individual Prices
  Chairs   Linens
Round 60" $8.90 White Samsonite $1.30 Round “120” $14.95
Round 48" $8.50 White Wood Pad $3.25 Round “108” $12.95
Round Cocktail $8.90 Natural Wood Pad $3.50 Round 96” $11.95
Rectangular 8' $7.90 Kids Chairs $1.00 Rectangular $10.95
Rectangular 6' $7.50 Cover & Bow $3.25 Overlay $7.95
Round 36” $7.50 Chaviari $8.90 Napkins $0.60
Half Moon Tables "4" $7.50 Skirts $15.95
Half Moon Tables "6" $7.90        
Plates   Glasses    Silverware  
Dinner $0.45 Wine Glass $0.45 Dinner Fork $0.35
Salad $0.45 Water Glass $0.45 Salad Fork $0.35
Dessert $0.45 Champagne Glass $0.55 Knifes $0.35
Coffe $0.45 High Ball Glass $0.55 Spoons $0.35
Martini Glass
Dessert Silverware $0.35
    Shot Glass $0.45    
    Coffee cups $0.55    
Tents   Lights  
Portable 10x10 $90.00 Small Set $25.00
20x20 $225.00 Medium Set $35.00
20x30 $345.00 Large Set $50.00
20x40 $490.00    
Portable Bar “4” $40.00
Portable Bar “6” $60.00
Portable Bar “8” $90.00
Dish Chaffing $13.00
Gas Torch $4.50
Water Jugs $1.00
Ash Trays $0.50
Disposable Package, included: 2 Plates, 3 Silverware, Napkin and Cup $1.25
Paella Pan & Burner 30 portion $45.00
Paella Pan & Burner 50 portion $65.00
Paella Pan & Burner 80 portion $95.00
Gas tank $26.90
Spatulas $3.00

*5o% off is offered if a 10x10 tent is needed for the chef or bartender station in the event that the condition of the location require one or weather becomes an issue.


  • In the event that any damage occurs to any of the rental equipment, reimbursement must be paid directly to the company.
  • Our company will provide you with the staff needed to help make your event a success.
  • Overtime will be charged to the client if the event goes beyond the time allotted.
  • Our company will be responsible for the delivery, set up and pick up of all rental equipment on the set event date. If a pick up or a delivery is requested on a different date there will be a charge according to the distance our staff has to travel.