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The paella is the original dish from the Spanish cuisine; its variety and taste of every region has personalized this exquisite plate.

Along with our experience, our tropical flavor and our guaranteed freshness, our paella will be sure to blow you away.

Add appetizers, drinks and dessert to this plate and save.

Events Rentals
  • Paellas
  • Appetizers
  • Extra orders
  • Beverages
  • Desserts
Discount: 50 to 100 guests-5%
  100 to 150 guests-10%
  150 and over-15%
  • Meals can be cooked in the presence of your guests. We can also do delivery.
  • Includes: salad; bread and butter
  • Add on: lobster chunks (2oz) $3.00 x guest ½ lobster tails (5oz) $7.00 x guest
  • If you choose your paella more on the wet side (A la chorrera) $1.00 extra x guest.
  • Any changes please ask your coordinator for details
PAELLA VALENCIANA $11.90 x guest
The most common paella is the Spaniard. Chunk of chicken, fresh shrimps, calamari’s, mussels, clams, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, green beans, sweet peas, black olives) decorated with lobster.
PAELLA CAMPESINA $9.90 x guest
You will enjoy this plate prepared with tender chunks of chicken and pork, sausage, smoked ham, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, corn, sweet peas, black olives).
You will enjoy the delightful taste of the Paella Campesina with the magic combination and delicious taste of fresh shrimp.
PAELLA MARINERA $ 17.90 x guest
Only the best chunks of corvine (fish), mussels, fresh shrimp, clams, calamaris, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, green beans, sweet peas, black olives ). And lobster chunks (4oz).
PAELLA TROPICAL $16.90 x guest
One of our most popular plates, our house special is prepared with juicy chunks of chicken and pork, ham, sausage, fish, crabs, calamari’s, shrimp and lobster tail chunks (2oz) rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, corn, sweet peas, black olives).
This romantic dish is prepared with delicious chunks of chicken and fresh shrimp, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onion, garlic, green beans, sweet, peas and black olives).
This is truly a plate everyone will enjoy. Juicy chunks of chicken and Spanish sausage, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, green beans, sweat peas, and black olives) make up this appetizing dish.
Boneless chicken, rice and vegetable (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, sweat peas, and black olives)
We have a plate for everyone. Our healthiest plate consists of Zucchini, broccoli, coli flour, chick peas, mushrooms, snow peas, green beans, sweat peas, olives, tomatoes, onions, garlic and rice..
BLACK PAELLA $14.90 x guest
If you would like to try something new, you will surely love this different dish with calamari’s, fresh shrimp, mussels, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, green beans sweat peas, and black olives)
THE ORIGINAL PAELLA $16.90 x guest
Our authentic dish is made of boneless chunks of chicken, pork ribs, rabbit, shrimp, rice and vegetables (green and red pepper, onions, garlic, sweat peas, and black olives).
KOSHER PAELLA $12.90 x guest
If a traditional dish is what you are looking for, look no further. We prepare rice with kosher chicken and fresh vegetables. All products and utensils are certified.
MARTINI PAELLA $9.90 x guest

Casual and elegant, cocktail style made with shrimp, mussels, rice and vegetables served in a spectacular Martini glass, no sides.

• 10% discount on 5 or more orders.
• Each order brings 50 pieces.
• We recommend 5 pieces per guest on average.
• We will cook and decorate everything in the event.

From Spain

Spanish omelet  $34.00
Eggs, potatoes and onions
Spanish omelet with sausage  $38.00
Eggs, potatoes, onion and sausage
Spanish sausage  $29.00
Originally cured in spain (sliced)
Chistorra  $36.00
Special sausage sauté with olive oil and white wine
Spanish serrano ham  $44.00
Imported from spain and served in slices
Mini-serranitos  $49.00
Mini sandwiches of serrano ham and manchego cheese
Machengo cheese $41.00
Imported from spain; served sliced
Meatballs in spanish sauce  $32.00
Made of beef in a spectacular sauce
Garlic shrimp  $43.00
Sauté in garlic
Fried Chick Peas $52.00
Sauted with Ham, Sausage and Bacon
Filled Mushrooms $39.00
Breaded shrimp in coco    $49.00 
Breaded Calamaris $39.00 
Served with tarter sauce 
Mixed spirals   $36.00 
Rolled in ham, salami, spinach, provolone, jack, cream cheese, tomatoes, garlic
Mixed croquettes   $29.00 
Variety of ham and chicken
Mini Burguer $47.00
Fresh Baked
Mozzarella sticks $33.00
Bruschettas with Prosciutto and Mozarella Cheese $48.00
Pizza Rolls $37.00
Fresh Baked
Tacos (mini)  $33.00 
Made of meat, chicken, and vegetables
Mini Quesadillas $48.00
Nachos $46.00
Nachos with Cheese
Jalapenos with Chesse $45.00
Cod fritters $41.00 
Served with tartar sauce
Conch Fritter  $49.00 
Served with tartar sauce
Breaded fish sticks $38.00
Serve with Tartar Sauce
Shrimp cocktail  $41.00 
Served with sauce and lemon
Chicken wings  $48.00
Oven in Medium or Hot Sauce
Cheese tray $36.00
Decorated with fruits
Fruits Tray $36.00
Refreshment Beauty
Vegetable tray  $35.00
Decorated and with ranch sauce
Smoked salmon  $45.00
Served with crackers and capers
Fish Ceviche (3 oz.) $46.00
Everything Fresh
Shrimp Ceviche (3 oz.) $49.00
Everything Fresh
Chicken Kabbots $48.00
3 o 4oz on Sticks with Vegetables
Baby lamb chops (10 pcs )  $28.00
Seasoned with a special house sauce
Filled tostones or breaded (10 pcs )   $14.00 
Chicken, ham, beef or fish
Filled tostones or breaded (10 pcs )  $27.00 
Choose shrimp or crab
Tropical pineapple $49.00 
Excellent decoration: filled both sides with lobster and crab meat. Served with crackers
Fruit cascade, cheese and vegetables $299.00 
500 pcs.aproximatly, decorated with a cascade of fruits, spectacular.
Tropical Sampler (25 Rac Minimun) $3.90
Includes: Skirt steaks, Pork, Chicken, Sausage, Fried Yucca with sauce, Everything cut Julienne style and cooked on the Grill in front of your eyes.
Tequeños $44.00
Rainbow Palm $299.00
Palma is sprinkled with colors with shrimp, cheeses, ham, olives, grapes and pepperoni.(400 pcs. aproximatly.)
*prices are per guest

The tropical salad $1.50
Romaine lettuce, spinach, mixed spring, diced tomatoes, carrots, prepared with honey mustard.
Cesar salad   $2.50
Romaine lettuce with cheese parmesan croutons, Pepper, olive oil and Cesar aderezo.
Russian salad   $2.50
Diced potatoes, carrots, onions, sweet peas, pepper and mayonnaise.
Shrimp salad  $2.90
Macaroni, sweet peas, olives black, onions, pepper, mayonnaise and shrimp.
Salad Bar $299
Minimum of 100 Guest. Includes: Romaine Lettuce, American Lettuce, Spinach, tomatoes, Carrots, Broccoli, Green Beans, Corn, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Onions, Diced Ham, Eggs, Beans, Crouton, Olives, Tuna Salad, Different Dressings.
Ajiaco criollo  $6:00
Soup with several types of meat and vegetables (potato, yucca, green plantain, corn, pumpkin, malanga, and sweet potato).
Marine sopon  $3.90
Squid, calamari, mussels, shrimp, fish, tomato, potato, and vermicelli 
Fabada asturiana  $2.50
Unforgettable habas cooked with sausage, blood sausage, potato, and pork.
Gazpacho andaluz  $2.50 
Refreshing soup made with green pepper, cucumber, garlic, and olive oil
*Minimum of 20 Guest
Side order
Sweet plantains         $1.20
Tostones  $1.40
Fried Yucca  $1.40
Yucca with mojo  $1.20
Sliced plantains  $1.20
Tamales    $1.30
Mash potatoes  $1.40 
French fries             $1.60
Sauté vegetables $1.40
White rice   $0.90
Black beans   $1.20
Baked Potato $1.80
Mixed Potatoes $1.40
Baked Corn (3inch) $1.20
Yellow Rice $1.20
*Prices are per guest

Bar Mix (drinks) $ 2.90

Include: Coca cola reg and diet, sprite, ginger, club soda, tonic water, orange juice and cranberry, jars for water, napkins, stirrers, lemon, salt, and sugar, Disposable cups.

Bar set-up (drinks) $ 3.90

Include: Coca cola reg and diet, sprite, ginger, club soda, tonic water, orange juice and cranberry, jars for water, napkins, stirrers, lemon, salt, and sugar, Cooler, Ice and Bar, Disposable cups.

Mojito mix, Margarita mix and Piña colada. For 4hrs $1.20 extra x guest.
Illuminated fountain  $30.00
(Sangria, Lemonade, Fruit punch)
Ice (100 lbs)    $45.00
Coolers (100 lbs)  $6.00
Sangria  $1.90
Lemonade  $0.90
Fruit punch  $1.20
Cold tea  $0.90
American coffee, regular or decaffeinated  $1.50
Include: sugar, disposable coffee cups, splenda and cream
Espresso coffee      $1.10       
Sugar and disposable coffee cup
Mixed sodas $1.60
Coca Cola regular , diet, sprite and fanta 
Bottled water  $0.90
*Prices are per guest
Minimun of 20 guests,more than 150 guests talk to the manager

Catalana Cream $2.60
Rice pudding  $2.20
Flan $2.50
Cheese cake   $2.25
Tres leches   $2.50
Tarta Santiago  $2.90
Charlotte  $2.45      
Tiramisu  $3.00
Chocolate fountain $3.60
Include: strawberry, bananas, marshmallows, lady fingers, cookies- minimum 25 guest.
Cake (click here) Basic price :$3.70 (according to design)
Personalized Cakes, Weddings, Fifteen/Sweet 16th, Baptism, Communion, Parties, events, etc.